The Hips of John Wayne


Time Out says

Even by Monteiro's eccentric standards, this is a weirdo that taxes the patience. It starts with a lengthy rehearsal (in a warehouse) of a Biblical play by Strindberg, before moving on to a lunatic plot involving the actor's disreputable double and an odyssey to the Arctic inspired by the angle and sway of John Wayne's hips. Mad, then, with Monteiro's own typically seedy, cadaverous central performance only adding to the overall insanity. Still, the sheer, bold perversity of some scenes is transfixing.

By: GA


Release details

124 mins

Cast and crew

João César Monteiro
João César Monteiro
João César Monteiro
Graziella Delerm
Marie Makhando
Manuel de Freitas
Joana Azevedo
Pierre Clémenti
Hugues Quester
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