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Based on a novel by Rabindranath Tagore and set in 1908 Bengal, this tells of a woman who, after being persuaded by her wealthy but liberal husband to break with the tradition of female seclusion, falls not only for his old friend but also for the latter's revolutionary ideals, intended to unite Bengalis against the British colonial policy of 'divide and rule' regarding Hindus and Moslems. Although it becomes clear where Ray's political sympathies lie, his customary sense of balance and generosity towards his characters prevents him from tipping the scales in facile fashion, while motivations and issues are presented with great clarity. One could accuse the film of being talky and static, but the formal elegance, sure sense of pace, and uniformly excellent performances guarantee a moving experience.

By: GA


Release details

140 mins

Cast and crew

Satyajit Ray
Satyajit Ray
Soumitra Chatterji
Victor Banerji
Swatilekha Chatterji
Gopa Aich
Jennifer Kapoor
Manoj Mitra
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