The Honey Pot

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

Adapted from a play out of a novel based on Ben Jonson's Volpone, Mankiewicz's screenplay finds a contemporary millionaire (Harrison in fine waspish form) inspired after a performance of Jonson's play to re-enact the same plot device on his three former mistresses (Hayward, Capucine and Adams) - posing as a dying man to test their reactions. The structure continually threatens to cave in under the weight of over-fussy dialogue and confusing plot twists, but the high-grade cast (with a pleasingly restrained Maggie Smith as the hypochondriac Hayward's nurse), and some sumptuous photography by Gianni Di Venanzo, make it highly watchable. If cinema and stage farce have to get in bed together, this is one of the more fruitful unions around.

By: DT


Release details

150 mins

Cast and crew

Joseph L Mankiewicz
Joseph L Mankiewicz
Rex Harrison
Susan Hayward
Cliff Robertson
Edie Adams
Maggie Smith
Adolfo Celi
Herschel Bernardi
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