The Hop-Pickers


Time Out says

The sort of earnest, chirrupy workers' frolic that one might expect of a 'communist musical' (see the documentary East Side Story for details), this features the strapping young men and women of a hop-picking enterprise engaged in full-throated paeans to collective labour ('Never fear, never fear/We're doing it for beer'). But it has some sophistication too. The most stereotypical exhortation to higher yields, turning on the notion that carousing couples make the most assiduous workers, turns out to be the fanciful dream of its starry-eyed protagonist, Philip. More interesting is the film's sympathy for the quixotic borderline kleptomaniac loner - an 'obnoxious individualist', in the words of his treacherous rival.

By: NB


Release details

89 mins

Cast and crew

Ladislav Rychman
Vratislav Blazek, Ladislav Rychman
Libuse Havelková
Irena Kacírková
Josef Kemr
Vladimír Klos
Vladimír Kloubek
Josef Konícek
Josef Laufer
Petr Musil
Ivana Pavlová
Vladimír Pucholt
Zuzana Savrdová
Milos Zavadil
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