The Horse Whisperer

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

Redford's Tom Booker is nothing less than the perfect man: stoical, wise, warm, at home in the world, ruggedly handsome and - most poignantly - ultimately elusive. This is horseshit. Redford is a thoughtful, attentive director, but where The Bridges of Madison County recognised that romance takes two, this movie, based on the novel by Nicholas Evans, is altogether more solipsistic - it's a film-maker's love letter to himself. Scott Thomas does her best with a severely compromised post-feminist role as a careerist wife and mother, who drives across country to throw herself at the feet of horse trainer Booker. Her daughter (Johansson) is recovering from a riding accident which killed her friend and traumatised her horse. Tom tames the daughter first, then mother, and finally the quadruped - but patiently, over two and three-quarter painstakingly elongated hours of gorgeous scenery and weather to die for. Scott Thomas can only squint at her co-star, halo'd against yet another sunset: these are the aesthetics of the shampoo commercial, soft soap for adolescent girls of all ages.


Release details

169 mins

Cast and crew

Robert Redford
Eric Roth, Richard LaGravenese
Kristin Scott Thomas
Chris Cooper
Dianne Wiest
Sam Neill
Robert Redford
Scarlett Johansson
Cherry Jones
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