The Hours and Times


Time Out says

In the spring of 1963, John Lennon allowed Brian Epstein to take him away for four days in Barcelona. It was a chance for John to recharge his batteries. Also, Epstein was gay. Münch's film is a speculative fiction, based on these facts but with no pretence at Albert Goldman-style faction. Instead, he presents a lively, subtle conversation piece, an intimate dialogue between two very different men. Epstein is urbane, cosmopolitan and deeply insecure; Lennon working-class, intellectually curious and absolutely sure of himself. They discuss art, check out a Bergman film, discuss the ins-and-outs of buggery. Epstein is in love; Lennon pulls back from the brink. Both turn elsewhere to make half-hearted pick-ups. Whatever really happened, this poignant, fragmentary, assured and beautifully paced film rings true. Validation enough, surely?

By: TCh


Release details

60 mins

Cast and crew

Christopher Münch
Christopher Münch
David Angus
Ian Hart
Stephanie Pack
Robin McDonald
Sergio Moreno
Unity Grimwood
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