The House of the Long Shadows

Film, Horror

Time Out says

A jumble of dark house clichés (loosely based on that old standby, Seven Keys to Baldpate) which stacks up the zzzzz for a good hour before even admitting it's a spoof. Thereafter, two gags for Price, the unavoidable sad ghoulishness of Carradine's mere presence, and a Christopher Lee so wooden that it's hard to tell if he's in a coffin or not. Only Cushing retains any dignity, even coming up with a fresh characterisation - a lisping, drunken rendition of the Upper Class Twit at 70 - that might turn Michael Palin green. The rest is vacuum: bus-ticket script, the usual faceless juvenile support, and bathchair direction.


Release details

101 mins

Cast and crew

Pete Walker
Michael Armstrong
Christopher Lee
John Carradine
Richard Todd
Desi Arnaz Jr
Sheila Keith
Vincent Price
Peter Cushing
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