The 'Human' Factor


Time Out says

Despite some heavily loaded exploitation of middle class fears of irrational terrorist violence, this movie achieves a certain bulky conviction of its own. After the pointless slaughter of his family in Naples, the cerebral war-games of a NATO electronics expert (Kennedy) are undermined by baser instincts of revenge. Thrashing around like a stunned ox, Kennedy takes on the extremists single-handed, finally wiping them out after they take over a crowded supermarket. His disintegration into a brute force gives the film its momentum, and more or less everyone stands back in disbelief to let him get on with it. The computer hardware is diverting, and treated with greater respect than the terrorists, who are given no credibility whatsoever, ideological or otherwise.

By: CPe


Release details

96 mins

Cast and crew

Edward Dmytryk
Tom Hunter, Peter Powell
George Kennedy
John Mills
Raf Vallone
Arthur Franz
Rita Tushingham
Haydée Politoff
Barry Sullivan
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