The Hypothesis of the Stolen Painting


Time Out says

For anyone sceptical about the big claims made for Ruiz, this is the film to see. It's the equivalent of a vintage Ken Russell arts psycho-doc, commissioned by French TV as a study of the philosopher, novelist (and high-class pornographer) Pierre Klossowski. The result is more like a haunted-house occult whodunit in suspended animation. A bumbling collector of pictures takes us on a guided tour of his Tonnerre collection - not the canvases, but their weird compositions re-enacted as tableaux vivants in a mansion and its gardens. Between his far-fetched interpretations of these pictures (mythological subjects with relevance to the society of the day), an enigma takes shape that can only be explained through 'the hypothesis...etc'. A tale of mystery and imagination that gives new meaning to the phrase 'intellectual thriller'. This is the real thing.


Release details

66 mins

Cast and crew

Raúl Ruiz
Raúl Ruiz, Pierre Klossowski
Jean Rougeul
Gabriel Gascon
Chantal Paley
Jean Raynaud
Daniel Grimm