The James Gang


Time Out says

With its stylish cinematography, eye catching direction and groovy pop soundtrack, this is a British first feature (Scottish characters, Welsh locations) that desperately wants to be hip. Helen McCrory, who gave her all in Karl Francis' Streetlife, is similarly committed here, as the mum trying to hold her family together by launching an impromptu crime spree - though errant husband Hannah and trailing policewoman Collette don't really have the grit required. What's more, Stuart Hepburn's script never begins to carry the weight that would justify the involvement of McCrory's children in the various robberies, or lend conviction to the characterisation.

By: TJ


Release details

95 mins

Cast and crew

Mike Barker
Stuart Hepburn
John Hannah
Helen McCrory
Jason Flemyng
Toni Collette
Darren Brownlie
David Brownlie
Lauren McMurray
Tim Woodward
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