The January Man

Film, Thrillers

Time Out says

In New York, eleven murders have taken place in as many months, and the serial killer is about to strike again. So bellicose mayor Steiger reluctantly reinstates maverick sleuth Nick Starkey (Kline), and despite the reservations of the police commissioner (Keitel), who also happens to be Nick's estranged brother, Nick is put on the case. In idiosyncratic fashion, Nick miraculously identifies the apartment that is the killer's next port of which point plot and dramatic tension plummet. Black humour becomes knockabout comedy. Sarandon, as Keitel's wife and sometime lover of his brother, and Mastrantonio as the mayor's daughter who falls for Nick, give good enigmatic performances, but are mislaid in the ensuing tumult. John Patrick Shanley's screenplay, touching on themes of betrayal and corruption, honesty and trust, promises and teases but suffers from coitus interruptus.

By: JGl


Release details

97 mins

Cast and crew

Pat O'Connor
John Patrick Shanley
Kevin Kline
Susan Sarandon
Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio
Harvey Keitel
Danny Aiello
Rod Steiger
Alan Rickman
Faye Grant
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