The Jester


Time Out says

This takes patience (a degree in Portuguese studies wouldn't go amiss, either), but ultimately rewards it by pulling a dozen apparently separate threads together into a vivid picture of Lisbon's young intelligentsia in 1978, when the idealism roused by the Portuguese revolution finally died. Most of the central characters are involved in putting on a play (adapted from Alexandre Herculano's novel The Jester), and the film gets astonishing mileage from the old device of counterpointing their on-stage and off-stage lives. The off-stage issues include gun-running, a sexually ambivalent triangle, and a murder; the on-stage scenes are designed sumptuously enough to recall the heyday of Michael Powell.


Release details

127 mins

Cast and crew

José Alvaro Morais
José Alvaro Morais, Rafael Godhino
Fernando Heitor
Paula Guedes
Luis Lucas
Luísa Marques
Victor Santos Ramos
Glicinia Quartin
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