The Jolly Boys' Last Stand

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

Budgeted on pocket money, this DV movie features a bunch of writer/director Payne's mates, who fortunately include actor Andy Serkis (Mojo) and an almost unrecognisable Sacha Baron Cohen (aka Ali G). Like The Blair Witch Project, it purports to be found documentary footage, though in this case it's nothing more sinister than a home video tribute to Spider (Serkis), filmed by his mate Des (Twomey) as a wedding present. It looks like a lark, but then the video reveals a malevolent undercurrent. Spider is Hon. El Presidente of the 'Jolly Boys': a bunch of beer-swilling pranksters who've known each other forever - and Des in particular is miffed that Spider's abdicating his irresponsibilities. Fake documentary demands nothing less than nothing but the truth, and when you sense the artifice (an unconvincing line, an awkward performance), it all goes flat. But you needn't make too many allowances. This has promise, bags of laughs, and a sincerity that sneaks up and smacks you with a dead fish.

By: TCh


Release details

88 mins

Cast and crew

Christopher Payne
Christopher Payne
Andy Serkis
Milo Twomey
Sacha Baron Cohen
Rebecca Craig
Jo Martin
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