The Kid from Spain

Film, Drama

Time Out says

Eddie Cantor's talent is for those of an antique taste, but this extravagant Goldwyn production has a few other things going for it, most notably a couple of blatant routines choreographed for the Goldwyn Girls by Busby Berkeley (the chorus line is said to include Lucille Ball, Jane Wyman, Betty Grable and Paulette Goddard, but you'll need sharp eyes to spot them). The plot has Cantor and his college buddy Young innocently caught up in a bank robbery and hiding out in Mexico, where Cantor is mistaken for a famous matador. No prizes for guessing where he ends up.


Release details

98 mins

Cast and crew

Leo McCarey
William Anthony McGuire, Bert Kalmar, Harry Ruby
Eddie Cantor
Lyda Roberti
Robert Young
Ruth Hall
John Miljan
Noah Beery
J Carrol Naish
Stanley Fields
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