The Killers

Film, Thrillers

Time Out says

Not exactly a remake of Siodmak's film, but a very similar adaptation of Hemingway's short story, except that the old noir ambience has given way to broad daylight, with the two killers now characterised as corporate executives rather than as emblematic figures from the shadows. Like its predecessor, Siegel's version is at its best while setting up the chillingly ruthless detail of the opening execution (here unnervingly set in an asylum for the blind), less satisfying when it starts providing an answer to the mysterious passivity of the victim (Cassavetes). A familiar tale of robbery and betrayal unfolds, not enhanced by the glossy colour but given a terrific boost by the fact that the two killers stick around (since they now conduct the investigation themselves in the interests of better business efficiency) and are superbly characterised by Marvin and Gulager. Originally made for TV, the film was tactfully switched to cinema release following the JFK assassination.

By: TM


Release details

95 mins

Cast and crew

Don Siegel
Gene L Coon
Lee Marvin
Angie Dickinson
John Cassavetes
Clu Gulager
Ronald Reagan
Claude Akins
Norman Fell
Virginia Christine
Seymour Cassel
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