The Killing Box


Time Out says

An arty zombie movie, this atmospheric American Civil War tale is described by director George (Hearts of Darkness) Hickenlooper as 'Conrad with a twist of Bram Stoker'. Confederate soldiers thought killed in an earlier skirmish are now suspected of a gruesome massacre. Forced into an alliance with Union captain Pasdar, captive Confederate colonel Bernsen finds Union soldiers crucified upside down on X-shaped crosses. Is an army of the undead abroad in this war-torn land? Involving, with dark undertones.

By: NF


Release details

86 mins

Cast and crew

George Hickenlooper
Matt Greenberg
Corbin Bernsen
Adrian Pasdar
Dylan McDermott
Ray Wise
Cynda Williams
Martin Sheen
Alexis Arquette
Billy Bob Thornton
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