The Ladies Man

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

Leon Phelps (Meadows) hosts a late night radio talk show on sex. What with his minimal IQ, speech impediment and a free-associative style that makes Howard Stern sound like Frasier Crane, you might question his qualifications for the job - but as he says, 'I have done it to a lot of lay-dees!' His success with the fair sex is no mystery. It's not so much that his funky mid-'70s wardrobe makes them laugh (though that afro is probably part of it); rather, they love his confidence - and his enormous wang. Sophisticates may want to look elsewhere, but hell, we've seen worse and lived to smile about it. Meadows is a nine-year veteran of TV's Saturday Night Live, and this spin-off sticks close to the formula: take a tried-and- tested character (usually a socially incongruous innocent) and place him in barely linked, sketch-like scenes. Leon loses his job and is hunted by a group of cuckolded husbands (including Lee Evans), but you could probably move five minutes from the beginning to the end without anyone noticing. Is it funny? After I swallowed my disbelief and gave my critical faculties a break, yeah, I was tickled every 40 minutes or so. Is it sexist? Like Woody Allen said, 'It is if you're doing it right.'

By: TCh


Release details

84 mins

Cast and crew

Reginald Hudlin
Tim Meadows, Dennis McNicholas, Andrew Steele
Tim Meadows
Karyn Parsons
Billy Dee Williams
Tiffani Thiessen
Lee Evans
Will Ferrell
Sofia Milos
Jill Talley
John Witherspoon
Ken Campbell
Tamla Jones
Julianne Moore
Eugene Levy
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