The Lady from the Shanghai Cinema

Film, Thrillers

Time Out says

Prado pays tribute to film noir in general, and to The Lady from Shanghai in particular; but given that Welles' mirror-play classic was itself a genre deconstruction, it's little wonder that Prado's film ends up being more labyrinthine than its play on fantasy and reality, death and desire, can quite accommodate. On a chance visit to a fleapit, seedy estate agent Lucas (Fagundes) enjoys a steamy near-encounter with femme fatale Suzana (Proença); the next day, he finds himself selling a flat to her sinister husband. A slave to his hormones, and intrigued by this rapidly developing B-pic scenario, he is plunged into the customary abyss of mistaken identity, secret societies, drug runners and dead sailors. The film impresses with its hothouse look - all neon, sweat and ceiling fans - but its narrative obfuscation, spiked with Godardian distancing, is too complex to hold the attention.


Release details

117 mins

Cast and crew

Guilherme de Almeida Prado
Maite Proença
Antonio Fagundes
José Lewgoy
Jorge Doria
José Mayer
Miguel Falabella