The Lady Vampire

Film, Horror

Time Out says

Unlike giant monsters and invading aliens, vampires evidently seemed too 'foreign' for Japanese B-movies in the '50s. Nakagawa's attempt to create a Japanese vampire (from a story by Sotoo Tachibana) works overtime to accommodate this 'foreignness'. It opens in a Tokyo suburb so westernised it even has numbered streets, sets plot developments in a western-style hotel and art gallery, has a crime reporter (Wada) for a hero, and winds up explaining that the vampirism stems obliquely from Shiro of Amakusa, a 17th century Christian. The lady vampire is actually a helpless victim (Mihara) who returns to her family unaged 20 years after disappearing; the villain is Takenaka (Amachi), who lives in a subterranean castle with an entourage of freaks, uses little gold crosses to turn cuties into statues and develops uncontrollable urges when exposed to the full moon. Fun enough.


Release details

78 mins

Cast and crew

Nobuo Nakagawa
Shin Nakazawa, Katsuyoshi Nakatsu
Shigeru Amachi
Keinosuke Wada
Yoko Mihara
Junko Ikeuchi
Torahiko Nakamura
Baku Mizuhara