The Lake House

SPEED DATERS Bullock and Reeves travel across time.
SPEED DATERS Bullock and Reeves travel across time.

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The Lake House, based on the Korean film Il Mare, reunites the costars of Speed 12 years after they commandeered that bomb-threatened bus. It’s an unabashedly romantic film with a fantastical premise: Alex (Reeves) moves into a glass house on a Chicago lake and finds a letter in the mailbox from Kate (Bullock), the previous tenant. Alex writes back, but why does he date his letter 2004 when Kate knows that it’s 2006? Could they be living two years apart? Across this time warp and through the old-fashioned medium of handwritten correspondence, the two fall in love.

Now, many viewers will greet such whimsy with derision, but Argentine director Alejandro Agresti rather gracefully accepts this preposterous conceit and gets on with his movie: There’s a sophisticated picture about regret and the passage of time lurking in The Lake House’s darker shadows. Both Reeves and Bullock are engaging; he looks weathered and grown-up, and she has shed her rosy, girl-next-door glow. But the screenplay by Proof’s David Auburn is a grab bag of shopworn romance-movie talk—this guy got a Pulitzer?—and the false ending may as well have hollywood stamped right across it. (Opens Fri; click here for venues.)—Tom Beer



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