The Land Before Time

Film, Animation

Time Out says

After An American Tale, Bluth surely had the clout to make a more adventurous animated feature than this, with its anthropomorphic espousal of American nuclear family values and its static, unimaginatively rendered backgrounds. You'd have thought, too, that a film about dinosaurs could have been mildly educational: giving the species' proper names for instance, rather than just 'Three-horns' or 'Longnecks', or - since the plot concerns a group of youngsters learning to travel together to find the Great Valley, where they'll all be saved from extinction - bringing in at least one of the theories about why the food chain became broken. Still, it has its moments: an earthquake scene is genuinely scary, the tension between the two would-be leaders should strike a chord with any kid who's ever wanted to be accepted by a gang, and some of the voices are well, if irritatingly done.


Release details

69 mins

Cast and crew

Don Bluth
Stu Krieger
Gabriel Damon
Helen Shaver
Pat Hingle
Bill Erwin
Candice Huston
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