The Land That Time Forgot


Time Out says

The combination of a script co-written by Michael Moorcock, the largest budget Amicus has ever utilised, and director Connor (who made such a promising debut with From Beyond the Grave) should have added up to a lot more than this occasionally amusing Boy's Own Paper adventure. It starts off promisingly with some stylised and ridiculous heroics involving a German sub, but once the island has been occupied and a few excellent monsters vanquished, the plot settles down to some very ordinary machinations. In fact, by the time the ape-men arrive we might as well be back in one of Hammer's sub-anthropological sagas. It's better than Disney's similar attempt at family fantasy, Island at the Top of the World, but that's hardly a recommendation.

By: DP


Release details

91 mins

Cast and crew

Kevin Connor
James Cawthorne, Michael Moorcock
Doug McClure
John McEnery
Susan Penhaligon
Keith Barron
Anthony Ainley
Godfrey James
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