The Last Command


Time Out says

In the '20s and '30s, directors came no bigger than Frank Lloyd: he helmed Cavalcade and Mutiny on the Bounty and won a couple of Oscars. Hardly remembered now, his career ended with this reconstruction of the siege of the Alamo. As with the John Wayne epic of 1960, it's a travesty of history, and focuses on Jim Bowie (Hayden) rather more than Davy Crockett (Hunnicutt). The message is the same as in Wayne's film - better Tex than Mex - though the production values are considerably less impressive. This is a Republic Studios Western, so don't look for thousands of extras. But Lloyd's old professionalism produces some good battle footage.


Release details

106 mins

Cast and crew

Frank Lloyd
Warren Duff
Sterling Hayden
Anna Maria Alberghetti
Richard Carlson
Arthur Hunnicutt
Ernest Borgnine
J Carrol Naish
Virginia Grey
Ben Cooper
John Russell
Slim Pickens
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