The Last Dinosaur

Film, Action and adventure

Time Out says

Difficult to know which is the more ludicrous in this shoddy monster pic: the Joke Shop tyrannosaurus galumphing through the polar icecap landscape, or Richard Boone's completely erratic portrayal of Masten Thrust (yessir, that's his name) - the richest, most bored man in the world, who gathers together a little band of stereotypes (Nobel prizewinning scientist, spunky woman photographer) to track the last of the breed. With his unkempt hair, dark glasses, and habit of closing his eyes between words, Boone shows all the signs of enjoying a massive hangover; but when you have to talk about a 'forty foot monster with a brain the size of a dried pea', this is probably a distinct advantage. Japan provided the special effects and the extras who play hairy prehistoric savages; someone should complain.

By: GB


Release details

100 mins

Cast and crew

Alex Grasshoff, Tom Kotani
William Overgard
Richard Boone
Joan Van Ark
Steven Keats
Luther Rackley
Masumi Sekiya
William Ross
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