The Last Dragon

Film, Action and adventure

Time Out says

The Motown company were responsible for this utterly wigged-out kung-fu disco extravaganza, which manages to throw together chop-socky thrills, a passing video-jock to show off the label's latest recording sensations, and the dreariest kid-takes-on-mobsters plot you could imagine. The juxtaposition of head-spinning break dancing and mild martial arts (in which the fighters glow to show their level of mental attainment and nobody gets badly hurt) provides lots of whirling limbs, but the working into the storyline of a crook who wants to take over the nightclub to provide valuable exposure for his aspirant rock-goddess girlfriend seems lame indeed. Aka Berry Gordy's The Last Dragon and a sure sign that somewhere along the way the man from Hitsville USA lost it badly. Talk about 'Ball of Confusion'.

By: TJ


Release details

109 mins

Cast and crew

Michael Schultz
Louis Venosta
Chris Murney
Faith Prince
Julius J Carry III
Jim Moody
Leo O'Brien
Mike Starr
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