The Last Shot


Time Out says

Spun from the true-life tale of two aspiring filmmakers cruelly duped by FBI agents, writer-director Jeff Nathanson's comedy overcooks a mess of bitter barbs directed at Hollywood's culture of self-delusion into pure, unadulterated mush. Hoping to snare mobsters in cahoots with crooked Teamsters union officials, agent Devine (Baldwin) devises an elaborate scam that involves pretending to produce a movie. All he needs is a script, which poor schmo Steven Schats (Broderick) unwittingly hands over, not realizing he is being used. Lugubrious complications ensue, trapping a good cast (including an uncredited Joan Cusack) in a tar pit of goopy sentiment and feeble gags.


Release details

93 mins

Cast and crew

Jeff Nathanson
Matthew Broderick
Alec Baldwin
Toni Collette
Tony Shalhoub
Calista Flockhart
Tim Blake Nelson
Buck Henry
Ray Liotta
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