The Last Time I Saw Paris


Time Out says

Despite a very corny script from Julius and Philip Epstein which borrows clichés from Casablanca and countless 'American in Paris' yarns, this remains an enjoyable (if heavy-handed) melodrama. Van Johnson wants to be the next Hemingway, but while he's a prodigious drinker, he doesn't show much ability as a writer. Taylor, looking unbelievably glamorous, is his long-suffering wife. Pidgeon steals the show as her father, a penniless chancer who still manages to live the good life. (Began life as a Scott Fitzgerald story.

By: GM


Release details

116 mins

Cast and crew

Richard Brooks
Julius J Epstein, Philip G Epstein, Richard Brooks
Elizabeth Taylor
Van Johnson
Donna Reed
Walter Pidgeon
Eva Gabor
Kurt Kasznar
Roger Moore
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