The Last Train from Madrid


Time Out says

The Spanish Civil War is pressganged as a backdrop for this atrocious farrago of love, duty and tearful self-sacrifice in which assorted characters jockey for the limited number of permits which will enable them (or loved ones) to take the last train out of war-torn Madrid. Roland and Quinn are army officers, now on opposite sides, who once swore an oath of comradeship; Lamour is the woman they both love; Ayres is an American journalist who falls for the daughter of a political activist executed as he arrived to interview him; Cummings is a callow soldier in love with a fallen woman, his innocence letting her hope for redemption. And so it goes, in a torrent of tawdry clichés, made no more palatable by inserted newsreel shots of the bombardment of Madrid. Roland, Quinn and Atwill give as sterling performances as their dialogue will permit; Lamour and Cummings challenge, respectively, for most zomboid and most embarrassing performance of the year.

By: TM


Release details

78 mins

Cast and crew

James Hogan
Louis Stevens, Robert Wyler
Dorothy Lamour
Lew Ayres
Gilbert Roland
Karen Morley
Lionel Atwill
Helen Mack
Robert Cummings
Anthony Quinn
Olympe Bradna
Evelyn Brent
Lee Bowman
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