The Lawnmower Man

Film, Science fiction

Time Out says

The first feature film to explore the possibilities opened up by Virtual Reality is derived in part from a Stephen King story, merged with an existing project. Using mentally retarded gardener Jobe (Fahey) as a guinea pig, mad scientist Dr Angelo (Brosnan) exposes him to Virtual Reality teaching technology and powerful drugs which accelerate his learning ability, transforming him into a calculating genius. But tampering by a mercenary Cybertech executive produces unforeseen and dangerous side effects. Despite the hackneyed sub-Frankenstein plot, the dazzling computer-generated special effects almost carry the film. The irony is that almost nothing that matters actually depends upon, or takes place within, Virtual Reality. Until the final showdown between Jobe and his creator, what we see is merely the way Jobe's exposure to Virtual Reality affects his behaviour in the real world. Only when he and the lubricious Marnie (Wright) suit up to enjoy 'cybersex' are the storyline and computer effects fused, like their fluid bodies, together.

By: NF


Release details

108 mins

Cast and crew

Brett Leonard
Brett Leonard, Gimel Everett
Jeff Fahey
Pierce Brosnan
Jenny Wright
Mark Bringleson
Geoffrey Lewis
Jeremy Slate
Dean Norris
Colleen Coffey
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