The Legend of 1900


Time Out says

Man walks into a musical instrument shop, dumps his tooter on the counter and asks for a good price; proprietor tells him to sod off and puts on a record. Man says: hmm, that reminds me, let me tell you a story... There was a transatlantic steamer, The Virginian, which ferried immigrants to the US. On it, a furnace man found an abandoned baby in a crate, named him Danny Boon TD Lemon 1900, and raised him on many white lies, before being killed by a loose chain hoist. One day, 1900 (Roth) sat down at the ship's grand piano and discovered his preternatural gift for playing jazz. He beat Jelly Roll Morton in a jazz duel. There was a girl he fancied, but she got off the ship. He once considered disembarking himself, but in the end rejected 'the infinite keyboard that is the city - God's piano.' 'This is an incredible story - incredible,' says the shop proprietor, before threatening to have the narrator (Vince) arrested. The ancient trumpeter takes his story to a demolition crew setting about The Virginian, but still the ship goes 'Boom!' (boom!).

By: NB


Release details

125 mins

Cast and crew

Giuseppe Tornatore
Giuseppe Tornatore
Tim Roth
Pruitt Taylor Vince
Mélanie Thierry
Bill Nunn
Peter Vaughan
Niall O'Brien
Gabriele Lavia
Alberto Vásquez
Clarence Williams III
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