The Legend of Lylah Clare

Film, Drama

Time Out says

Hollywood picking its scabs is always a riveting sight, and never more enjoyably so than in Aldrich's supremely vulgar movie, which feeds gluttonously off movie myth and experience to create a vigorously animated Hollywood Babylon where dead stars talk and everyone's laundry is filthy. Kim Novak stars as the moulded reincarnation of Lylah Clare, whose stellar career ended in mysterious death on the night of her wedding to director Lewis Zarkan (Finch), now attempting a semi-confessional biopic on the subject, which naturally involves an outrageous gallery of grotesques and innocents in its revelatory course from concept to screen. Necrophilia, cancer, cripples, French critics, lesbianism, ignorant producers, nepotism, abortion, 'film-artists', Italian studs and TV are the tasty elements Aldrich ghoulishly (and a little masochistically) juggles into a film-fan's delight, a side-splitting charade of satire, sarcasm and sheer perverse affection.

By: PT


Release details

127 mins

Cast and crew

Robert Aldrich
Jean Rouverol, Hugo Butler
Valentina Cortese
Gabriele Tinti
Coral Browne
Rossella Falk
Peter Finch
Milton Seltzer
Ernest Borgnine
Michael Murphy
Kim Novak
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