The Legend of the Sky Kingdom


Time Out says

This Svankmajer-esque stop-frame animation from Zimbabwe may look as crude as a rusty oil drum, but there's something endearing about its little characters. Everything on set is made out of junk. Hence the blocks of wood, crocodile clips, wing nuts, bits of wire, forks, jigsaw blades. The film centres on three main characters who break out of their repressed underground world and into the great wide open. In true adventure film fashion, they head across Africa in search of their destiny and everything turns out nicely. Witty dialogue and decent English voice-overs complete a sparky little package.

By: DA


Release details

74 mins

Cast and crew

Roger Hawkins
Phil Cunningham
Jason Linforth
Miriam Hamblin
Gabriel Phillips
Wiina Msamati
Rooney Newman
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