The Lighthorsemen

Film, Drama

Time Out says

An account of a hard-fought WWI victory for the Australian mounted infantry in Palestine, with details of place and strategy clearly delineated, captions popping up everywhere, and much pointing at maps by moustachioed generals. The British were at a stalemate when the Lighthorse were summoned in 1917 to help plan an attack on the Turco-German army at the desert town of Beersheba, site of an 'unlimited' water supply. A British military intelligence officer (Andrews, a smart Alec with sneering nostrils) sets up a decoy which enables the Lighthorse to take the town by charging the enemy artillery cannons; he also forms the link between the facts and the fictional element. The plot straddles Boy's Own action as represented by four veterans of Gallipoli who are roped in to assist Andrews with his undercover activities, and Women's Own love interest as a fresh-faced recruit (Phelps) discovers he's unable to kill, joins the medical corps, and falls for a nurse (Thornton). It's good to look at: plumed hats, prancing thoroughbreds, and Aussie brute force shot against the clean desert light. Should appeal to people who like to play soldiers.

By: EP


Release details

131 mins

Cast and crew

Simon Wincer
Ian Jones
Peter Phelps
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