The Lilac Domino


Time Out says

Hungarian fun and games perpetrated on an unsuspecting populace by Max Schach, the endearing little Viennese expatriate who charmed £2m out of the City to make the most exhilaratingly awful extravaganzas in the history of cinema. This one involves a dashing cavalryman hero, a school-girl heiress heroine - afflicted with a neurotic need to sing and dance even when they're on the telephone - stuffed donkeys, mad waiters, and myriads of satin-pyjama-clad starlets. Music-hall comedian Emney adds a bit of class as an impeccably English Hungarian millionaire, while the gypsy dances and masked balls on the Denham studio backlot have the surreally exciting quality of truly bad cinema.

By: RMy


Release details

85 mins

Cast and crew

Fred Zelnik
Basil Mason, Neil Gow
June Knight
Michael Bartlett
Athene Seyler
Richard Dolman
SZ Sakall
Fred Emney
Joan Hickson
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