The Line


Time Out says

Based on the true story of a Vietnam deserter who, after several suicide attempts in the army stockade, provokes a guard into killing him. As he crosses one line, fellow prisoners cross another, literally and metaphorically, by stepping out of parade in protest, and get life sentences for mutiny. Despite some powerful performances (Sullivan is outstanding as the senior stockade NCO), the film is top-heavy with a script whose painful honesty isn't always balanced: the strong story is over-compressed, notably in the media/civilian demonstration shit-storm that comes awkwardly out of nowhere into the closed world of the stockade. Well done up to a point and uncompromisingly relentless, but it makes you realise how good Costa-Gavras is at this kind of thing.

By: JCo


Release details

95 mins

Cast and crew

Robert J Siegel
Reginald Shelborne, Patricia Maxwell
Russ Thacker
Lewis J Stadlen
Brad Sullivan
Kathleen Tolan
Jacqueline Brookes
David Doyle
Andrew Duncan
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