The Little Polar Bear

Film, Family and kids

Time Out says

Based on a book by Hans de Beer, this follows the misadventures of Lars, a snowy furball who upsets his elders by befriending seal pup Robby. Making pally with your chow is a definite no-no in the polar bear community, but that's fixed when the seals harvest fish for the slothful bears. Because this isn't enough story to spin out to feature length, there's also an episode where Lars helps to deep-six an ecologically unsound submarine. Oh yes, and there's a bit where Lars floats down to the jungle on an iceberg and is rescued by a hippo. Could happen, right? Was this film stitched together from three or four TV episodes? It looks cheap enough.

By: TCh


Release details

77 mins

Cast and crew

Thilo Graf Rothkirch, Piet de Rycker
Bert Schrickel, Thomas Wittenburg, Piet de Rycker, Steve Kramer
Mijail Verona
Maximilian Artjo
Jochen Busse
Mike Krüger
Brianne Siddall
Michael McConnohie
Daran Norris
Neil Kaplan
Tom Fahn
Bernd Stelter
Wesley Singerman
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