The Little Shop of Horrors

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

Made by Corman - with

Daniel Haller

credited as art director, though you have to see it to appreciate that joke - on a sheer nothing budget in one dust corner of a studio, complete with re-used cardboard and paste sets, this is worth seeing if only for

Jack Nicholson

's definitive role as a masochistically-inclined dental patient named Wilbur Force. A suitably Freudian story about a demanding plant that just keeps on growing, it's dressed up with Dragnet takeoffs as well. Its spoofy comedy keeps you tittering, sniggering and occasionally laughing out loud right to the last ridiculous frame.

By: PG


Release details

70 mins

Cast and crew

Roger Corman
Charles B Griffith
Jonathan Haze
Jackie Joseph
Mel Welles
Dick Miller
Myrtle Vail
Leola Wendorff
Jack Nicholson
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