The Locket


Time Out says

One of the many émigrés to Hollywood who gave a distinctively Germanic twist to established genres, Brahm hit a winning streak of baroque melodramas in the mid-'40s which are all visually remarkable and emotionally supercharged. Virtually all action in The Locket is contained in the ever-receding flashbacks that present an imminent bride and 'hopelessly twisted personality' almost exclusively through the eyes of her past lovers. A psychodrama, definitely, complete with analyst, but strangely ambivalent about its own insights, right up to the mesmerising finale of the bride meeting her traumatic Calvary on her way up the aisle.

By: NA


Release details

86 mins

Cast and crew

John Brahm
Sheridan Gibney
Laraine Day
Brian Aherne
Robert Mitchum
Gene Raymond
Ricardo Cortez
Sharyn Moffet
Henry Stephenson
Katherine Emery
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