The Longest Yard

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

Already remade as British footie flick ‘Mean Machine’ (2001), the 1974 sports comedy gets another revision, this time by ‘50 First Dates’ and ‘Anger Management’ director Segal. Yes, you guessed it, Adam Sandler stars as errant footballer Paul Crewe, who winds up behind bars with likeable spiv Chris Rock under the watchful eye of competitive warden James Cromwell. Crewe must form a prisoners’ football team to take on the guards, during whose training tensions are tackled and friendships formed. Like most of Segal’s comedies, the humour is broad, the sidekicks one-dimensional and the tone so light it’s hard to take supposedly tragic events seriously. There’s some pleasure to be found in cameos from Burt Reynolds (star of the original film) and Courtney Cox (as Crewe’s alarmingly large-chested partner in the film’s opening scene), plenty of sports action and a smattering of laughs, but, really, this has nothing to add to the genre. Its Stateside popularity, like Sandler’s own, may remain a mystery to those on this side of the Atlantic.

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Release details

Release date:
Friday September 9 2005
113 mins

Cast and crew

Peter Segal
Sheldon Turner
Adam Sandler
Burt Reynolds
Chris Rock
James Cromwell
Bob Sapp
William Fichtner
Steve Austin
Bill Goldberg
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