The Mad Adventures of 'Rabbi' Jacob

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

As the name implies, one big Jewish (not to mention Moslem and Catholic) joke in which Rabbi Jacob (de Funès) becomes inadvertently entangled with inefficient Arab terrorists and various other neurotic characters. The script is so banal and full of the most appalling jokes (to an Arab: 'You bet on the wrong camel'), that the film's success (if any) depends on reactions to de Funès' brand of humour (a mixture of slapstick and idiotic facial expressions). It might appeal to kids who like to see their protagonists wallowing in vats of green chewing-gum.

By: GSa


Release details

100 mins

Cast and crew

Gérard Oury
Gérard Oury, Danielle Thompson, Roberto De Leonidas
Louis de Funès
Suzy Delair
Marcel Dalio
Claude Giraud
Claude Piéplu
Renzo Montagnani
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