The Mad Doctor of Market Street

Film, Horror

Time Out says

Lewis at his low budget looniest, and barely the worse for that. The material is preposterously absurd. It begins with mad boffin Atwill chased out of a recognisably modern American city for his sinister experiments, shifts to a swish ocean liner for a quick dash of social comedy (Merkel) and disaster movie, then ends up on a ludicrously unexotic desert island where the few shipwreck survivors are menaced by Atwill's desire to take up his old work again. Everything is cheap, tacky and infantile, but you can't help but admire the way Lewis balances his evident, slyly humorous disdain for the script and production values with a surprisingly professional pretence at some sort of commitment. Zomboid fun.

By: GA


Release details

60 mins

Cast and crew

Joseph H Lewis
Al Martin
Lionel Atwill
Una Merkel
Claire Dodd
Nat Pendleton
Anne Nagel
Noble Johnson
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