The Magic Christian


Time Out says

An extravagant, undisciplined adaptation of Terry Southern's biting satire on the power of money - the plot is little but a stringing together of various hoaxes and practical jokes perpetrated by an eccentric multi-millionaire (Sellers) on a greedy populace - The Magic Christian is all too clearly representative of the impasse independent mainstream film-making found itself in when given its head by the industry in the '60s. The result is a variety concert of a film in which most of the acts/jokes fall flat.

By: PH


Release details

95 mins

Cast and crew

Joseph McGrath
Terry Southern, Joseph McGrath, Peter Sellers
Peter Sellers
Ringo Starr
Richard Attenborough
Laurence Harvey
Christopher Lee
Spike Milligan
Yul Brynner
Roman Polanski
Raquel Welch
Dennis Price
John Cleese
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