The Magic of Lassie


Time Out says

'She's something that came from God!' James Stewart croaks in this monstrous musical adventure, which marks Lassie's comeback to the big screen after many years in TV. And he might be right, since everyone treats the dog with utmost sentimental reverence: when she's taken from her vineyard home by a nasty city slicker, even the sight of her empty food bowl makes people weepy. Diabetics and animal-haters should avoid, but for schlock addicts the film boasts Alice Faye (first film in 17 years) preparing eggs while singing a terrible song about roses and their 'scratchy, catchy thorns'. Unbelievable.

By: GB


Release details

99 mins

Cast and crew

Don Chaffey
Jean Holloway, Richard M Sherman, Robert B Sherman
James Stewart
Mickey Rooney
Pernell Roberts
Stephanie Zimbalist
Michael Sharrett
Alice Faye
Gene Evans
Mike Mazurki
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