The Magnificent Seven Deadly Sins

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

A pitiful collection of burlesque sketches so laboriously scripted that Graham Stark's crude direction is like a kindly act of euthanasia. The comic talents involved, harping on their TV personalities with deadly monotony, hardly manage to raise a smile from beginning to end. At a pinch, one might make an exception for Ian Carmichael and Alfie Bass, mildly amusing as a couple of motorists illustrating the sin of pride when they meet bumper-to-bumper in a narrow lane, but it hardly seems worth while.

By: TM


Release details

107 mins

Cast and crew

Graham Stark
Bob Larbey, John Esmonde, Dave Freeman, Barry Cryer, Graham Stark, Marty Feldman, Alan Simpson, Ray Galton, Graham Chapham
Harry Secombe
Spike Milligan
Bruce Forsyth
Harry H Corbett
Ronald Fraser
Leslie Phillips
Ian Carmichael
Alfie Bass
June Whitfield
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