The Man from Island West


Time Out says

Made on a shoestring, Taiwan's first ever indie feature breaks a lot of new ground: it focuses attention on the sad plight of survivors from Taiwan's aboriginal tribes (most of whom are now manual labourers or prostitutes), and it superimposes an ancient myth on its modern story to create an innovative twin-level structure. A stranger from Taipei turns up in a coastal village, founded by the Atayal tribe, in search of something he won't divulge. His visit catalyses contradictory local feelings about the place, but also mysteriously echoes an Atayal myth about the redeemer Yawi, who once led the tribe to deliverance. Strong elemental imagery plus startlingly raw emotions equals a minor classic.

By: TR


Release details

96 mins

Cast and crew

Huang Ming-Chuan
Huang Ming-Chuan
Wu Hongming
Chen Yiwen
Xiao Cuifen
Sharman Lanporan
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