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The Man from Majorca


Time Out says

A pair of Swedish vice cops stumble onto 'something big' when a routine post office raid turns out to be connected with a subsequent hit-and-run accident and the murder of a garrulous wino. They are beginning to get a whiff of high-level corruption, centering on the Minister of Justice's cavortings with a high-class prostitute, when their phlegmatic superior is ordered to drop the case. Widerberg keeps the action tight, dealing smoothly with the details of police routine and framing the most mundane objects in such a way as to lend them a strangely sinister aspect. The opening post office raid is a slickly handled set piece, setting the tone for a cleverly constructed script which contains enough suspense and red herrings to keep one gripped almost to the end. Unfortunately, the government cover-up having proved all too successful, there's no gratifying pay-off, leaving one with a slight sense of anti-climax. A neat thriller, but more satisfying than electrifying.

Release Details

  • Duration:105 mins

Cast and crew

  • Director:Bo Widerberg
  • Screenwriter:Bo Widerberg
  • Cast:
    • Sven Wollter
    • Tomas von Brömssen
    • Håkan Serner
    • Ernst Günther
    • Thomas Hellberg
    • Tommy Johnson
    • Johan Widerberg
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