The Man from Planet X

Film, Fantasy

Time Out says

Stuck with a lacklustre cast required to spout pages of inane gab, and sets so crude that his only option is to keep them shrouded in mist, 'never say die' Ulmer still manages to finesse a few glimmers of pulp poetry. The silent alien who's arrived for no clear reason on the Scottish moors (perhaps to justify the mist?) looks disconcertingly like a prissy schoolmaster, and his spaceship is quite stylish, even though it's clearly a diving bell with a flashing light on top. The general air of a bad dream is established from the start, as a bored-sounding physicist announces the end of the world three weeks from now.

By: BBa


Release details

70 mins

Cast and crew

Edgar G Ulmer
Jack Pollexfen, Aubrey Wisberg
William Schallert
Raymond Bond
Robert Clarke
Roy Engel
Margaret Field
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