The Man Who Knew Too Little

Film, Thrillers

Time Out says

When dumb video store assistant Murray arrives unexpectedly and inconveniently at the London home of his banker brother, Gallagher, the latter gets him out of the way for the evening by signing him up for an interactive role playing game - a fake thriller scenario - called 'Theatre of Life'. Trouble is Murray mistakenly answers a phone call intended for a hired killer, and is soon up to his neck in a real plot involving blackmail, murder, and a conspiracy engineered by Wilson to blow up a banquet held to mark an Anglo-Russian peace agreement. Cue misunderstandings, as Murray unwittingly finds himself in a life-threatening farce featuring callgirl Whalley, assassin Molina, cops, torturers, Morris dancers and Russian dolls. Despite the title, this fitfully very funny vehicle spoofs not Hitchcock but those tortuously silly British spy thrillers of the '60s, its depiction of London as risibly unreal as that of the movies it's guying. Unsophisticated but fun.

By: GA


Release details

94 mins

Cast and crew

Jon Amiel
Robert Farrar, Howard Franklin
Bill Murray
Peter Gallagher
Joanne Whalley
Alfred Molina
Richard Wilson
Geraldine James
John Standing
Anna Chancellor
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