The Man Who Saw Too Much

Film, Thrillers

Time Out says

Son's terrific debut is in two parts because the first 52 minutes (made on a shoestring) ended with a joke caption promising more if anyone could be found to finance it. And since Part 1 is the smartest, most enjoyable riff on Hitchcock made by anyone, anywhere, the money to make Part 2 was soon on the table. A film-fan/voyeur secretly videotapes the young woman in the apartment opposite and one night finds himself recording her murder. By chance he tapes it over a boring Korean movie and manages to return the VHS to the rental shop before the killer gets him. Next day the killer faces a shopful of rental tapes and starts ploughing through them all in search of the one with the incriminating evidence. Before long he's become a film critic... In truth Part 2 (in which the killer tries to become a Hitchcockian director) is less funny and provocative than Part 1, which could easily stand alone. But the whole is still a paragon of what no-budget indie film-making can and should be.

By: TR


Release details

100 mins

Cast and crew

Son Jae-Gon
Son Jae-Gon
Kim Sang-Hon
Kim Shin-Song
Lee Gye-Yong
Chong So-Yong
Kim Tae-Su
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