The Man Who Sued God


Time Out says

Steve Myers (Connolly) has traded in his law career for the humble pleasures of life as a fisherman. When his boat is destroyed by lightning, his insurance company use the 'act of God' clause in his policy to escape paying out. Furious, Myers decides to call the Deity to account and sue his earthly representatives from various faiths, and is soon at the centre of a major media storm, egged on by maverick journalist (Davis), whose brittle facade proves no match for the Big Yin's rough-hewn charms. It's an intriguing premise, and the film's theological conundrums prove an entertaining diversion. Admittedly, the schmaltzy rom-com routines that pad out the rest of the film don't break any new ground, but Connolly and Davis still make a sparky pairing. Joffe perhaps treads too cautiously at times, while crude sentimentality and a weakness for easy caricature blunt the film's satirical bite, but this is still a pleasing oddity.

By: ARi


Release details

102 mins

Cast and crew

Mark Joffe
Don Watson
Wendy Hughes
Colin Friels
Vincent Ball
Blair Venn
John Howard
Bille Brown
Judy Davis
Lional Haft
Emily Browning
Tim Robertson
Billy Connolly
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